Thursday, February 16, 2006

My Top 20: Coin No.3: Alexander the Great 334-323 BC

Born 356 BC , King of Macedonia 336-323
1. One of history’s great men, in a reign of only thirteen years he accomplished feats of conquest that remain unequalled to this day.
2. Educated by Aristotle
3. By 330 BC he ruled an empire of a million square miles
4. Famous last words, when asked “Who will inherit the kingdom?” he answered "whoever of you is the strongest".
5. At his death there was a period of struggle for supremacy amongst his generals. Ptolemy became king of Egypt, Seleuchus took over Syria & Messopotamia, Lysimachus took over Thrace & Cassander held Macedonia
6. The coin is pierced , the mystery is “When?”

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